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May. 29th, 2015

Ted Cruz’s Mind Blowing Hypocrisy

One of the fundamental problems modern Republicans have is their irrational hatred for the federal government. Traditionally, conservatives have been skeptical about the government’s ability to solve people's problems but never opposed to its existence. Fast forward to the 21st century, and conservatism has morphed into a radical anti state, pro corporate ideology that operates on the basis that government is always wrong, no matter the situation. The sight of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, one of the most radical anti state conservatives, begging the federal government for assistance after his state was subjected to severe flooding, was truly pathetic. Cruz’s mind blowing hypocrisy was made all the more obscene when you take into account that this was the same Tea Party Senator who voted against federal aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy because he deemed much of the spending to be ‘wasteful’. Don’t expect any of these inconvenient ‘facts’ to trouble Cruz and the radical anti government loons in Texas – hypocrisy is now an inbuilt facet of Republican ideology, so much so that no one pays it much attention any more.

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May. 28th, 2015

Mystical Places

Located on Chapel Hill to the east of Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire, Wales, the ruined church of St Mary the Virgin, complete with ivy-clad tower and overgrown graveyard, is a mysterious and historic relic on the rural landscape. Dating to the medieval period, the church was restored byJohn Prichard in 1868 only to be gutted by fire in 1977.

Cosmic Mysteries

Physicists have performed an experiment that suggests time in our Universe may be directed by gravity, not thermodynamics, and that the Big Bang could have created two parallel universes - our own, in which time runs forwards, and a mirror one where time runs backwards. Although the idea sounds pretty out there, the new hypothesis could help physicists solve some of their biggest issues with time - mainly the fact that they still can’t work out why it runs in only one direction.

If it’s true, it means that what we perceive as the future would really be the distant past for any life that exists in the parallel universe. "This two-futures situation would exhibit a single, chaotic past in both directions, meaning that there would be essentially two universes, one on either side of this central state," says Julian Barbour from the University of Oxford in the UK.

"If they were complicated enough, both sides could sustain observers who would perceive time going in opposite directions. Any intelligent beings there would define their arrow of time as moving away from this central state. They would think we now live in their deepest past." Even more mind-blowing is how Tim de Chant from PBS NOVA puts it: "From that perspective, maybe George Lucas’s Star Wars didn’t take place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but in the far future - our deepest past - of our mirror universe."

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Lucy's Relatives

A new relative joins "Lucy" on the human family tree. An international team of scientists, led by Dr. Yohannes Haile-Selassie of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, has discovered a 3.3 to 3.5 million-year-old new human ancestor species. Upper and lower jaw fossils recovered from the Woranso-Mille area of the Afar region of Ethiopia have been assigned to the new species Australopithecus deyiremeda. This hominin lived alongside the famous "Lucy's" species, Australopithecus afarensis. The species will be described in the May 28, 2015 issue of the international scientific journal Nature. Lucy's species lived from 2.9 million years ago to 3.8 million years ago, overlapping in time with the new species Australopithecus deyiremeda.

The new species is the most conclusive evidence for the contemporaneous presence of more than one closely related early human ancestor species prior to 3 million years ago. The species name "deyiremeda" (day-ihreme-dah) means "close relative" in the language spoken by the Afar people. Australopithecus deyiremeda differs from Lucy's species in terms of the shape and size of its thick-enameled teeth and the robust architecture of its lower jaws. "The new species is yet another confirmation that Lucy's species, Australopithecus afarensis, was not the only potential human ancestor species that roamed in what is now the Afar region of Ethiopia during the middle Pliocene," said lead author and Woranso-Mille project team leader Dr. Yohannes Haile-Selassie.


Current fossil evidence from the Woranso-Mille study area clearly shows that there were at least two, if not three, early human species living at the same time and in close geographic proximity.

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Milf of the Year

Jessica Alba!


#Tatanka (one of my favorite wrestlers) w/ @SaltNPepa at @WWE @WrestleMania 11 April 2, 1995.

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May. 25th, 2015

Comicpalooza 2015

Went to the Comicpalooza 2015 with a friend of mine (Bryan) and had a great time. I also met Louise Simonson and saw a couple of other celebrities including; Linda Blair, Marina Sirtis, Ted DiBiase, Henry Winkler, George Takei, Stan Lee, and Laurie Holden. Click the pics. to display the larger image.

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May. 21st, 2015

Mystical Places

The Yonaguni Monument is a massive underwater rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan. While many archaeologists and geologists believe that it is a natural formation, some hold the view that some of its features are man-made. Tool marks and carvings have been discovered upon the stones (and documented) which indicate that they have were constructed rather than being natural stone structures. Masaaki Kimura, a marine geologist from Japan’s Ryukyus University, has been studying and mapping the site for over 15 years and believes that the site is over five thousand years old – but was sunk during an earthquake two thousand years ago. Others have estimated that the structure is far older – including Teruaki Ishii, professor of geology at Tokyo University who determined that the submergence occurred at the end of the last ice age – which was around ten thousand years ago (over twice as old as the pyramids in Egypt) – If this is the case, then our history books would have to be revised to take into account an advanced Eastern culture, more advanced than any early Western culture.


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High-energy Alpha Particles

In the story of the Marvel Universe superhero known as the Hulk, exposure to gamma radiation transforms scientist Bruce Banner into a far more powerful version of himself. In a study at Berkeley Lab, exposure to alpha-particle radiation has been shown to transform certain thermoelectric materials into far more powerful versions of themselves. "We've demonstrated that by irradiating a thermoelectric semiconductor with high-energy alpha particles, we can control native defects in the crystal so that these defects actually enhance the performance of the thermoelectric material by a factor of up to ten," says Junqiao Wu, a physicist who holds joint appointments with Berkeley Lab's Materials Sciences Division and the University of California Berkeley's Department of Materials Science and Engineering. "Although this discovery goes against common wisdom, it turns out that when properly managed, a damaged thermoelectric material is a better thermoelectric material."


The ability of thermoelectric materials to convert heat into electricity, or electricity into cooling, represents a potentially huge source of clean, green energy.

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Ancient Mysteries

Imagine a frozen lake which, upon melting each year, reveals the unnerving sight of the remains of more than 300 people. A small lake known as Roopkund Lake sits high in the Indian Himalayas, more than 16,000 feet (4,900 meters) above sea level. Covered in ice and surrounded by rocky glaciers, the lake appears to be a typical, albeit beautiful, natural wonder. However, during one month of the year, when the ice melts away and the bottom of the shallow lake becomes visible, the true nature of the lake reveals itself. At the bottom of the lake are hundreds of mysterious human skeletons. There have been efforts to determine who these people were, where they were from, and how they died, buy many questions still remain unanswered about the skeletons at Roopkund – now referred to as Skeleton Lake.

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For the first time ever, one of my favorite comic book heroes (Zagor) will be available in the US!

"Epicenter Comics proudly brings you legendary hero Zagor for the very first time in English language! Responding to a friend's desperate call for help, Zagor comes face to face with a threat of colossal proportions: Dagon, an ancient God of Abyss and his army of transformed followers have taken over the coast! In this epic battle and race against time, help will have to come from unexpected places!"


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Apocalyptic Visions

Currently, The Walking Dead is one of the most popular television programs. And movies about the end of the world are more common than iPhone releases. Our love of apocalyptic narratives ranges from the relatively harmless interest in fantasy fiction to the darker and more concerning existence of off-the-grid militias and doomsday religious cults. But why are we so fascinated by running mental simulations of possible world-destroying scenarios? Here are a couple of possibilities...>>

May. 17th, 2015

Caring for the Earth

Pope Francis warned the rich and powerful on Tuesday that God will judge them on whether they fed the poor and cared for the Earth, his latest exhortation on the environment ahead of his eagerly-awaited encyclical on climate change and its effects on the world's most vulnerable. Francis delivered the warning during a Mass for the Vatican's Caritas Internationalis charity. In his homily, Francis said the planet has enough food to feed the world but "it seems that there is a lack of willingness to share it with everyone."

"We must do what we can so that everyone has something to eat. But we must also remind the powerful of the Earth that God will call them to judgment one day," he said. "And there it will be revealed if they really tried to provide for him in every person, and if they did what they could to preserve the environment so that it could produce this food." No papal document in recent times has produced as much anticipation or anxiety as Francis' encyclical, which is expected next month.


Environmentalists are thrilled that Francis is lending his moral authority to provide an ethical foundation for action to stem climate change.

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2016 Presidential Science Debate announced that actors Mark Ruffalo, Peter Coyote and David Schwimmer have joined the call for a 2016 US Presidential Science Debate. Ruffalo is an Emmy-award winning producer, actor, director and screenwriter. He is also widely known for his concerns about water quality in the oil and natural gas extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing. Coyote is best known as an actor, but is also the award-winning author of two books, numerous articles and short stories, and is a famous environmental activist and a counter-cultural figure.

David Schwimmer is an award-winning actor, stage and film director, producer and comedian. He is an active director of the Rape Treatment Center in Santa Monica, which specializes in helping victims of date rape and child rape. He has also campaigned for legislation to ban drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB. "These artist/activists remind us that the issues we want the candidates to address are not just science challenges, but humanity’s," said Executive Director Sheril Kirshenbaum. "Science is impacting every aspect of life, with major economic, environmental, health, legal, and moral implications."

"We’re pleased that people with such talent and vision as Mark Ruffalo, Peter Coyote and David Schwimmer are joining signatorires like Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson in a call for candidates for president to debate the big science issues on TV," said’s board chair, Shawn Otto.’s prominent supporters include the CEOs of major Tech companies, dozens of Nobel Laureates, leading academics, university presidents, famous writers, actors and other cultural thought leaders, and other concerned citizens.


It is asking candidates for president to attend a televised debate dedicated to science and tech issues like climate change, vaccinations, GMO Foods, nuclear power, evolution, and more. Sign the national call for a presidential debate on science at

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May. 15th, 2015

r.i.p. B.B. King

Movie of the Week

May. 11th, 2015

Stand with Bernie

"We are at a moment of truth. We need to face up to the reality of where we are as a nation, and we need a mass movement of people to fight for change. I believe America is ready for a new path to the future. I can't wait to see what we will accomplish together." --Bernie Sanders


He has my approval and I will most likely vote for him.

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Apr. 30th, 2015

Human Culture

Four and a half million years of history show that both man and woman are by nature (instinct) tribal, self-disciplined, driven by instinct, competitive, tenacious, vigorous, adventurous, courageous and goal oriented. Modern history of the past 5,000 years shows that mankind is capable of withstanding great physical hardship and any stress provided by life. This is a creature that needs guidance and direction, not coddling and sympathy.

We now seek in our schools (our method of culture maintenance) to destroy those hard-earned human attributes. We no longer believe in the virtue of excellence (competition). A vigorous person is now called a workaholic. A tenacious person is stubborn and mean. Courage is considered to be a myth. A goal is a means of seeking superiority and dominance. Self-discipline is considered biblical dogma, therefore not fit for public schooling. Tribalism is encouraged through the teaching of multiculturalism. We seek through our education system to educate instincts, an impossibility, while ignoring the developing human's intellectual need for real knowledge. We deliberately teach our children baseless dogma, ideology, fantasy and fiction, while boundless real provable knowledge, which they desperately need in a world suddenly demanding of knowledge, is ignored.

The result is a destructive conflict between the human and its culture, resulting in escape (drugs, promiscuous sex, alcohol, thrill seeking), rebellion (gangs, crime, drive-by-shootings, teenage pregnancy), racial hate and a work force that has been taught that productive work is degrading and class enslavement. This is why it is so necessary for humankind to reconstruct human culture, to abandon its current hodgepodge of sub-cultures based on cultural evolution (a cut and try process without goal or plan) in favor of an intellectual culture based on real knowledge, one with real plans and goals.


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Apr. 23rd, 2015

The Legend of Shangri-La

The tale of an earthly paradise is among the most enduring myths in the world. From Sumerian epic to the 'islands of the blest' in Celtic literature, it has been a recurring theme through many bodies of literature and for thousands of years. Not surprisingly, then, modern people have also been drawn to the dream of a lost paradise where the ravages of time and history have been held back, where human beings live in harmony with nature, and where the wisdom of the planet is saved for future generations. In other words, to a Shangri-La.

The tale of a lost kingdom in the region of the Tibetan mountains first came to Western attention nearly four centuries ago. And like many a tale of hidden treasure, it starts with a mysterious map - this one lost, then rediscovered a hundred years ago in Calcutta. It was part of a remarkable manuscript that contained the autobiography of a 16th-century Western missionary at the court of the Moghul emperor Akbar. A Portuguese Jesuit missionary named Antonio Andrade, set out from Akbar's court, armed with the map, and at first followed yogis and wandering pilgrims on the road across the mountains.

The terrain soon became hostile, but Andrade did eventually find an impressive and wealthy kingdom - although no Christians lived there - and his account of his adventurous journey was rediscovered in Calcutta in the 19th century. The tale of Shangri-La is a modern tale, with a powerful appeal for today's world - but its roots lie deep in much older times. We live in a period when global problems threaten to overwhelm us, and instill us with fear. The appeal of the tales of Shambala and Shangri-La lies in their connection with this fear - both recognizing it and alleviating it - and this appeal is universal.


The stories reflect our desire that something of our world will survive, and that our connection with our past will not be entirely erased, even as we move faster and faster into an uncertain future. These are tales that we still need to believe in today.

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