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Jun. 29th, 2015

Game of the Month!

Ever since I got my Arkham Knight PS4 bundle I've been really enjoying this game. It's definitely the best one so far and I highly recommend it to all the gamers out there.

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Jun. 25th, 2015

Planet GJ 436b

A Neptune-size planet appears to be masquerading as a comet, with a gargantuan stream of gas flowing behind it like a comet's tail. The bizarre find is the first of its kind ever discovered by astronomers. The strange, cometlike planet, known as GJ 436b, is orbiting a red dwarf star and is about 22 times as massive as Earth. Astronomers detected the giant gas cloud around the planet using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory. "I was astonished by the mere size of the cloud of gas escaping from the planet," said study lead author David Ehrenreich, an astronomer at the observatory of the University of Geneva in Switzerland. GJ 436b, located about 33 light-years from Earth in the constellation Leo, is a kind of world known as a warm Neptune. Ehrenreich noted that the Kepler spacecraft, as well as NASA's upcoming TESS space mission and the European Space Agency's future CHEOPS and PLATO spacecraft "are poised to find thousands of system like GJ 436in the coming years." This suggests that many other planets with cometlike tails could soon be discovered.

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Ancient Mysteries

A team led by archaeologists from the University of Reading has just begun an excavation of a Neolithic building at Marden Henge in the Vale of Pewsey. Constructed in 2400 B.C., the earthworks is the largest henge in England, yet very little is known about it. The people who used the building may have even participated in the construction of Stonehenge. "Marden Henge is located on a line which connects Stonehenge and Avebury. This poses some fascinating questions. Were the three monuments competing against each other? Or were they used by the same communities but for different occasions and ceremonies? We hope to find out," archaeologist Jim Leary said in a press release. The Vale of Pewsey was also inhabited during the Roman and medieval periods. "One of the many wonderful opportunities this excavation presents is to reveal the secret of the Vale itself," he said.


Communities throughout time settled and thrived there—a key aim of the dig is to further our understanding of how the use of the landscape evolved—from prehistory to history.

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Dylan Dog



Shawn Michaels, Tatanka, and Bret Hart!

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Jun. 24th, 2015

The Earth After Us


Jun. 23rd, 2015

Fucking Wal-Mart!

I pre-ordered on their website and chose the pick-up option at one of the stores. The website clearly indicated that I'll receive my order by Tue, June 23rd. The video game that was included in the package gets released today (June 23rd) and instead of enjoying it like everyone else who pre-ordered and got their order on time I have to wait until Friday before I receive mine. It took 3 full business days to process my order at a warehouse and that's unacceptable. I'll never buy again from

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Jun. 22nd, 2015

Poor Kitty

Jun. 19th, 2015



Jun. 18th, 2015

We Need a Cultural Revolution

Pope Francis on Thursday called for a radical transformation of politics, economics and individual lifestyles to confront environmental degradation and climate change, as his much-awaited papal encyclical blended a biting critique of consumerism and irresponsible development with a plea for swift and unified global action. Citing scientific consensus that we are witnessing a "disturbing warming" of the Earth's climate, Francis called for a "bold cultural revolution" to halt humanity's spiral into self-destruction. "There can be no renewal of our relationship with nature without a renewal of humanity itself. Climate change is a global problem with grave implications: environmental, social, economic, political and for the distribution of goods. It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day,” the Pope said.

The vision that Francis outlined in the 184-page encyclical is sweeping in ambition and scope: He described a relentless exploitation and destruction of the environment, for which he blamed apathy, the reckless pursuit of profits, excessive faith in technology and political shortsightedness. The most vulnerable victims are the world’s poorest people, he declared, who are being dislocated and disregarded. Francis' statement came Thursday in the form of an encyclical, a letter traditionally addressed from St. Peter's Square to the more than 1 billion Catholics across the globe. Derived from the Greek word for "circle," an encyclical is among the church's most authoritative teaching documents. But Francis has set his sights beyond the circle of his church.


With an eye toward several key climate change summits scheduled for later this year, the Pope said his letter is addressed to every person living on this planet. "I would like to enter a dialogue with all people about our common home," Francis said.

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Jun. 16th, 2015


Jun. 13th, 2015


This girl is attempting to pronounce Despicable Me.

Jun. 12th, 2015

Mystical Places

The kingdom of Aksum, centered in what is now northern Ethiopia, was a world power in the first millennium A.D. At the empire's height, monolithic obelisks were raised to mark the burials of rulers and nobility. One, at more than 100 feet and about 550 tons, fell and shattered as it was being erected in the fourth century. Today, Aksum is a dusty, regional market town of about 50,000 in northern Ethiopia. If people have heard of it, perhaps it is on account of another queen: the Biblical Sheba. According to the Kebra Nagast (Book of the Glory of the Kings), an early-14th-century compilation that chronicles Ethiopia's rulers, Solomon and Sheba had a son, Menelik, who brought the Ark of the Covenant from Jerusalem to Aksum. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church maintains that the Ark is still kept within the precinct walls of the Church of Tsion (Mary of Zion) in Aksum. But there is more to Aksum than legends of Sheba and the Ark. In 1980, it was added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites because of the vestiges of its past, scattered throughout and around the town: ancient cemeteries with royal tombs, villa-like residential complexes, inscriptions, and monolithic stelae and obelisks.

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Jurassic World

Will scientists ever be able to resurrect the dinosaur? According to Jack Horner, professor of palaeontology at Montana State University, the answer is an unequivocal yes. "Of course we can bring them back to life. Their ancestral DNA is still present. The science is there. I don’t think there are any barriers, other than the philosophical," says Horner. In the 1990s, scientists discovered dinosaurs in China buried in a fine ash. They were preserved in remarkable detail and bird-like features, including claws and feathers, were recognizable. Horner believes that a modern bird’s DNA contains a genetic memory that could be ‘switched on’ again, resurrecting long-dormant dinosaur traits. To make such a creature, he would start with the genome (the whole hereditary information encoded in the DNA) of an emu.

"Emus have all the features we need in order to make a Velociraptor-sized dinosaur," he says. "If I were to make a dinosaur, that is where I’d start." Far-fetched as this sounds, his work is supported by other leading academics. Sean Carroll, a geneticist at the University of Wisconsin, says: "The inventory of genes in a bird would be very similar to the inventory of genes in a dinosaur. It is differences in the decision-making that takes during development that make the difference between a chicken and a tyrannosaurus." The relevant DNA to turn back the clock could be manufactured and implanted into an emu egg, for instance, to trigger dormant genes.


Scientists believe that in a hundred years or so, geneticists could retro-engineer animals that appear identical to Mesozoic dinosaurs.

Kemo D. 7

The Lost Sarcophagus

The annals of early archaeology include the tale of an Egyptian sarcophagus lost at sea. It begins with a British adventurer named Howard Vyse, who in 1837 blasted holes into the Pyramids at Giza to better explore what was inside. In the main burial chamber of the pyramid built by King Menkaure (who ruled from 2490 to 2472 B.C.), he discovered an empty basalt sarcophagus. Vyse decided to ship the three-ton artifact to the British Museum in London, but the vessel sank somewhere in the Mediterranean in the fall of 1838. In the Loss and Casualty Book of the Lloyd's insurance company, the entry for Thursday, January 31, 1839, records that the vessel "sailed from Alexandria 20th Sept. & from Malta, 13th October for Liverpool, & has not been heard of." In 2008 Egyptian authorities made preliminary plans to search for the vessel and its precious cargo, but the country's ongoing political troubles cut the effort short.

To this day the finely carved sarcophagus awaits discovery—along with countless other relics and wrecks from antiquity still consigned to the watery deep.

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Dark Matter

The new science fiction TV series "Dark Matter," is packed full of mystery, and the show's co-creator Joe Mallozzi talked with about what viewers can expect from the first season. The pilot episode of "Dark Matter" opens with six people waking up on a spaceship, with no clue about their identities or how they got there. Slowly, the show reveals more secrets about the six crewmembers' pasts, and the world they live in. The show premieres tonight (June 12) at 10 p.m. EDT/9 p.m. CDT on the SyFy Channel. Click here for the interview.

Jun. 9th, 2015

Try this

Jun. 8th, 2015

Break Up Big Banks

Jun. 6th, 2015


Jun. 5th, 2015

Science Debate

The world has changed. Science now impacts every aspect of life, with major economic, environmental, health, legal, and moral implications. Shouldn't the candidates for president be showing their leadership by debating these things on TV, so that voters can be better informed by coverage of them in the news media?

Sign the call for the candidates to debate here.

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