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Viking's Exotic Resort


Dean Grant, a Swiss national with a long career in the Swiss Banking industry, has turned his knowledge of executive stress into big business, and in the process turned an old TV show into a reality, with the creation of a real-life 'adult-oriented' Fantasy Island in the Caribbean. 

Viking's Exotic Resort, an exclusive executive retreat that allows men and select couples to spend four days and three nights on a secluded island with exotic European and South American models tending to their every need (and we're not just talking food and wine) for less than the cost of a used car.


Grant's Viking's Resort brings women from Eastern Europe and South America to a gorgeous island paradise, where they're paired off with executives seeking a break from their every day lives.


While some in America scoff at Grant's business, that business is booming as men and women from all walks of life lay down $3900 and more to let their fantasies run wild.


Says Grant, "Of course, there's people who like to stick their nose in other people's business and tell them what they can and can not do. But I'm of the opinion that we spend all day every day doing what we're 'supposed' to do, why not once in a while splash out and let your secret fantasies run wild, in a place designed to cater to your every need, with women who genuinely enjoy your company?"

Indeed, business has never been better, and Grant regularly flies his latest guests home with their compliments still ringing in his ears. "My guests love what we provide them," says Grant, "and most of them plan return visits. It's not just sex; it's a whole other world from what most of us are used to.


Grant refuses to divulge the exact location of Viking's Resort, stating that his guests pay for complete privacy and that's what they get. But he does add that the island is only a 90-minute plane trip from Miami and, "Once you're on that plane, you don't really care where you're going. You just know you're guaranteed to have a once in a lifetime experience."

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