Women Cheat More than Men

A survey in
UK has postulated that women are more unfaithful than males.


Forty per cent of females cheat on lovers, compared with 34 per cent of males. And a third of women (34 per cent) fantasize about lesbian sex. But females spend less time thinking about fun between the sheets. About half of women fantasize once or twice a day about love-making ? for men the figure is ten times.


Seven out of ten Brits want more nookie, says the poll by condom makers Durex. Sixty-two per cent of women and 82 per cent of men claim they are sex-starved and desperate for more loving. A third of people have sex twice a week but just under a quarter make love less than once a month. However, a lucky one in ten gets it every day.

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)


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