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Secret Societies

The Black Dragon Society 

A secret society may be described as a society known or thought to exist that strives to conceal its membership, meetings, laws, organization and rituals…


In Japan, descendents of the Samurai warrior class formed the Black Ocean and later the Black Dragon Society to protect the emperor and traditional Japanese culture. 

The Black Dragon Society was always at odds with the secular government and suffered numerous crackdowns before the start of World War II. These societies saw Western influence and expansionism as the main culprit eroding traditional
Japan and continually aimed at curbing this influence.

When the Black Dragon Society condemned
Japan's ally Italy for invading Ethiopia, the government nearly crushed the organization.

However, the group was able to influence movements in the U.S. in various ways. One secret organization known as the Pacific Movement of the Eastern World had established close links with Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), and seems to have had real links with the society.

After World War II, secret societies often played the key role in revolutionary independence movements throughout the world. Even into the present-day, the Falun Gong plays a similar role in

With the breakdown of colonialism, new indigenous religious movements have used the secret society model to spawn a wave of "cults" that continue to change the spiritual landscape of the developing world.

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