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Porn v. Morality

 Is the Porn Biz Moral?

Can erotic entertainment ever gain a legitimate place within cultural and business consciousness? How is Europe and Asia able to have such a freer attitude in this regard? Can American pornographic entertainment ever overcome the "seedy-dark-alley-perverted-decadent" label?


Is it a paradox that the sex business generates so much income (seemingly, only for a big business few), but that it sports such a nasty reputation for scam and crime? Are there that many entrepreneurs and consumers being converted into perverted criminals by adult entertainment?


Or is this multi-Billion dollar industry really supported by ordinary law abiding citizens who are forced to secretly obtain their desire from behind closed doors and psuedonyms where reputations are extremely inflated exaggerations?


Pornography is like fire. It can be used for constructive and destructive purposes. As long as the media focus on crime in the Adult Industry raises it ugly head, it will continue to convey an inaccurate view that the criminal element dominates the business.


The responsible citizen will continue to be denied uncensored access, judged negatively for their interests and punished for their attempts to take an open-minded stand, in spite of their harmless and innocent behavior.


Pornography is not inherently immoral--but, it seems to be prime ground for the criminal creep to exploit and an infinite well for biased media looking for a "shocking" headline. Yet another example of where the idiot few spoil it for the responsible majority?

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