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Altered States


The altered state of consciousness, or ASC, can be found throughout the paranormal.


It is the dream state, the trance of the medium, the state achieved in hypnosis, and maybe even the state we achieve when tired and suffering extreme emotion, when many paranormal events occur.

It is a state when our calibration of the senses seems to collapse and the mind creates its own ideas, often externalising them into the real world through hallucination.


But it is also the path of the mystic. Wilson and Maslow: British writer Colin Wilson gives us the best description of this state with his understanding of ‘close-upness.’


To Wilson, man has a very small view of reality; he sees the world from a ‘worm’s eye view’, unable to complete a world picture in his mind. 

Such close-upness causes a natural state of ‘upside-downiness’, causing man to concentrate too much on trivia and having a negative mind-set.


However if man could break the circuit he would ascend to the ‘bird’s eye view’, where everything would be brighter, connected and full of meaning.

To explain what he means, he cites psychologist Abraham Maslow and his ideas on the ‘peak experience’. Such an experience is a moment of joyousness, a sudden realization of there being more in the world.


Typically, Maslow cites a soldier returning from war, seeing a woman for the first time in months and realizing they are different from men. The experience is subtle but full of deeper meaning.

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