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Highway 16

The Highway Of Tears


Sometimes we find places that have had so much evil happen there, that we have to wonder what is going on...


One of these places is a road know by the name that the people around it have given it, it is called the Highway of Tears. The highway is located in British Columbia, in Canada and is officially named Highway 16. So what makes this highway so mysterious? I guess it is the fact that nine women have been murdered there and hitchhikers have disappeared from there.


As a matter of fact, Amnesty International estimates that 32 aboriginal Canadian women have disappeared from the highway in the last three decades and one non aboriginal woman. The road has been called the Bermuda Triangle for hitchhikers.


The area where the murders took place and the hitchhikers disappeared from, is about 425 miles long and very deserted. It cuts through pine forests, rivers and remote indigenous reserves.


Nicole Hoar vanished in 2002 while on the road. She had the misfortune to hitchhike. She was going to visit her sister and had been working in British Columbia as a tree planter. Even though the disappearance happened about 5 years ago, a private investigator has been hired, to see if he can find any clues to the disappearance.


Over 100 volunteers have joined him to comb through a bushy area just south of the highway. The girl's father was also assisting. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police joined the group. The object of the search was to find either pieces of clothing or human remains. So far nothing has been found.


In 2006, a young lady named Tamara Chipman decided to go for a hike along Highway 16, near the Prince Rupert industrial park. The poor girl disappeared and no trace of her was ever found.


Her son is now motherless. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are still looking for her. She was not a small woman, she was 5'10'' and about 130 pounds. How does someone disappear into thin air. Could it be that some fiend offered her a ride and she accepted or that someone just jumped out of a car and grabbed her?


In 1995, Lana Derrick went missing from Highway 16, Since that day, right after the last snow melts, her aunt organizes a search and they go out looking for Lana. This has been going on for 12 years at this point. About the only thing that these girls had in common was the fact that they were all indians. There is one exception, one woman that was not a indian and still disappeared.


Not all of the bodies are missing. Romona Wilson disappeared from Highway 16 when she was 14 years old was found on the side of the road 12 years ago. In the same area, Monica Ignas was only 15 years old, when her body was found in a gravel pit in 1975. She has been missing about 5 months.


Another woman left a pub in the area in 1989 with her uncle and another male. A month later her body was found by hikers The cause of death is unknown.


You may wonder why, with all these disappearances going on, why indian women hitchhike. Yes there are some places on this planet of ours that seem to reek of evil, but they are not the so called haunted places, they are real places with real people. But who knows…

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)


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