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Without a Trace...

Someone Knows the Truth

All of us are familiar with the fact that people go missing every day, all over the world. But it is a little more unusual when groups of people go missing. 

I am not talking about soldiers who may be in an area where there is fighting, the cause of their disappearances is far to obvious, except for the case cited below. I am talking about people that just vanish without a trace.

History is full of empty cities where there once were people living and they either left or something else happened to them. Neither am I talking about groups of people that may have disappeared, because of a terrible storm or catastrophe, such as the tsunami that hit southeast Asia.

This is one thing for sure, anyone that would want to eliminate a person or persons would have had a perfect opportunity, because everyone would have thought that the tidal wave did it. No, I am talking about mysterious disappearances of groups of people where there is no sure explanation.

One of the groups that is missing, is the group of cliff dwellers that lived in the American west about 1100 years ago. No one knows what happened to them, they seem to have left without a trace. But I think talking about more recent mass disappearances is more appropriate.

A story in one of the more sensational papers states that there was a school on Vanuatu that was for people with ESP. It goes on to state that not only are all the students missing, but so are the buildings. What I find interesting, is the fact that this just happens to be an area where the sea is rising and everyone in the area may have to leave.

Even if they left, I don't think that they would be taking any buildings with them though. Back to the story, one of the students had left for personal reasons and when she returned, she found nothing. The authorities asked her if she knew of anything strange that was going on in the school. She replied that all she knew was that the professors and students were working on a time machine…

There are some people that claim, that it is still possible for people to disappear, even in America, without leaving a trace. It seems to me that this would be pretty hard to do right now and impossible in a few years. You would need to get all new documentation with a false name on it and you would have to make up references that can be verified if you want a job. You would have no school records, so somehow you would have to be able to make some up and get them into the school's computers, so that they could be checked for references. No it certainly wouldn't be an easy task.

There is a story in Provda, the Russian newspaper, that talks of a group of 150 people that disappeared in under one minute. The event took place in 1915. It states that a battalion of soldiers disappeared when others were watching. Documents that were unclassified in 1967 state that there were depositions from 20 witnesses that state that they just vanished in front of everyone.

It was said that a black hole touched down on the Earth and sucked them up. Could a black hole have done this? No it couldn't. If a black hole touched down on the earth it would have caused tremendous damage. Maybe a freak cyclone touched down. Anyway, none of the soldiers were ever found, this includes their bodies. None were ever noted as being prisoners of war either.

What happened to the residents of Hoer-Verde in Brazil in 1923? There were over 600 of them and they had vanished without a trace. A police investigation had taken place and the only clues that were found were a gun that had been fired the day before and a message on a blackboard in a school that read, "There is no salvation".

In 1974 a family went camping in the Rogue River National Forest in Oregon. There was the husband, wife and two children. They had a dinner appointment and when they didn't show up, some of their friends went to look for them. They were not in the camp, but the table was still set with food on it and a glass of milk. The car was still parked outside. The husband's wallet was found and the wife's purse, nothing was missing. Fishing rods rested against tree stumps outside and there were not signs of a struggle. The family was never seen again.

In 1930, there was an Eskimo fishing village on Lake Anjikuni, in Canada. It was a thriving village and had over 2,000 Eskimos living there. A trapper went to the village and found that all of the inhabitants were missing. In some huts food was still in the pots over the fire. He noticed that there were no tracks in the snow leading out of the village. In a panic state he phoned the authorities and a huge search party was formed.

What they discovered unnerved them all. First of all, the huts were still stocked with food, but all their dogs had been buried in a snow drift and had starved to death. Here is the real scary part, all the graves of their ancestors had been emptied. Not only were the live Eskimos missing, but so were the dead ones. Then while the mounties watched, a strange light flickered over their heads in the sky. It zipped around then disappeared. None of these Eskimos have ever been found.

There are also all those mass disappearances from ships and boats. How many times has a ship or boat been found where the table is set with food and nothing is missing except the crew, or in the case of a boat, the occupants? 

When a ship disappears, that is one thing and we usually attribute that to either bad weather or hitting something, but when just the crew disappear and the ship is found in perfect shape, with nothing missing, you have to wonder what the heck is going on.

In 2006 a millionaire's yacht was found empty, floating off the Italian coast. The table was set and as is usual in these cases, for some unknown reason, a meal was on the table and had been half eaten. Police tried to find out what happened to the crew. The most famous empty ship was the Mary Celeste. She was a 103 foot long brigantine that weighed in at 282 tons. The ship had a lot of bad luck. Her captain died on her maiden voyage and calamity followed her everywhere. In 1872 the ship was sighted by another ship. The captain noticed that the Mary Celeste was drifting. He ordered a boat and rowed over to her.

There wasn't a soul on the ship, yet her cargo was completely intact. There were over 1700 barrels of alcohol on the ship and this would have provided a tidy sum to pirates. Throughout the years, reports came in that said the bodies of the crew were found, but they were never confirmed.

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