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Nikola Tesla

Where are the Missing Documents?


Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia (then part of Austria-Hungary) on July 9,1856, and died January 7, 1943. He was the electrical engineer who invented AC (alternating current) induction motor, which made the universal transmission and distribution of electricity possible.


Tesla moved to the United States in 1884, where he worked for Thomas Edison who quickly became a rival, Edison being an advocate of the inferior DC power transmission system.


He did notable research on high-voltage electricity and wireless communication; at one point creating an earthquake which shook the ground for several miles around his New York laboratory. He also devised a system which anticipated worldwide wireless communications, fax machines, radar, guided missiles and aircraft.


It is rumored that Tesla test fired his electrical ray from his lab on Long Island, New York, U.S.A. in 1908 causing the great explosion in Tangusta, Russia.


It took no less than 100 years of today's fast-moving events to fully grasp the importance of the man. There is no explanation for this. One can merely humorously assume that Tesla came from some other world, to be born on Earth. His results in experimental physics, which appeared to be perfectly obvious, still cause indigestion in orthodox theoretical physics circles.


When Telsa died all his papers disappeared from his New York City hotel room.

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