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Angels And Aliens

Did aliens visited us in the past, and do they have a connection to the world religions?

Even if one chooses to place the beginning of the modern UFO phenomenon at the point of pilot Kenneth Arnolds’s sighting in 1947 (which many researchers clearly prefer to do), there is nevertheless a direct relationship between UFOs, the aliens who pilot them, and stories of encounters with angels handed down through the scriptures of many religions. One of the ongoing debates regarding the modern UFO phenomenon continues to be about whether we are seeing something brand new under the sun or simply seeing an ancient aspect of Creation through more technologically oriented 20th Century eyes. In von Daniken's 1968 best-selling book 'Chariots of the Gods', he explains his idea of how humans saw alien visitors as gods because of their advanced technology, which the ancient human civilizations believed to be supernatural powers. Therefore these aliens must be gods, and according to van Daniken this belief is the basis of religion.


A religion is a very complex process that evolves during centuries and is affected by many factors. The ancient aliens may be the cause of some elements in some religion folklore but this was not done intentionally.


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