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Define Your Limits

There are many who seek the easy answer and will continue to do so. Others don't wish to know. Still others are afraid of the truth...

By his nature, man is curious. Curiosity is an instinct and is present in all of the higher animals. It is a valuable instinct for survival. Knowledge of the environment, gathered before it is needed, adds accuracy to decision making when an emergency arises. Place any one of the higher animals in a new environment and it will immediately begin exploring. It will be cautious at first, but as knowledge expands so does confidence. A primary part of man's survival and ascendancy was the result of his curiosity. As he learned about his environment down through the ages, he turned the knowledge to his own benefit. As long as he is a man, man will remain curious. Although it may stop him from speaking out, no dogma will ever stop man from questioning the universe and every particle in it. In the beginning this search for knowledge concerned food and safe havens from predators. Now it is space, the origin of the universe and the greatest challenge of all for man, man himself. He learned early on that often the success of any job depended on the tools available for that job. A dull axe makes gathering wood for the evening meal a more difficult task.


Now man realizes that the limiting tool in his future is man himself. It has become necessary to define those limits.


Kemo D. 7

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