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Callister's Collection

Where is Callister's collection?

When most people think of treasure they envision gold, silver, jewelry and of course money, however, treasure can be made up of many different things, as you will see with Callister’s collection. Henry Callister was a Baltimore, Maryland merchant in 1751. He had collected a very large assortment of fine books. Many of his friends and associates forced him to lend him these wonderful and enchanting books. Since, he wanted his rare collection of books returned by the borrowers he ordered several hundred specially designed bookplates with the Callister name of them so he could attach them to his books. This would be a reminder to the borrower to give him back his books once they had been read. Callister passed away in 1765 and his widow and daughter in the way of finances to help them through the years. They did open a school for misses, but this still did not help them to make ends meet. They began to sell off Callister’s collection of books with the nameplate in place. Today, none of the books in the Callister collection has been recovered and to anyone that has one has a rare treasure worth much more money than you could imagine. Included in Callister’s collection is a rare find, a copy of “Massachusetts Bay Colony Psalm Book”.


It might be time to start looking through all those dusty old books that belonged to your great grandparents. Who knows you may find one or more of these rare and unique books.


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