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Symbols, Not Reality

The basic nature of evolution is that it is a process which depends on error.

Obviously when we think of the moon, there isn't enough room in the skull for it. We can't use the real thing in our thoughts. So we think of it by using a symbol in our brains, one that represents the moon. That symbol substitutes for the real thing, but it is totally unlike the real thing. When the moon is considered, however, it is not the symbol alone that we feel. The moon symbol also carries emotions with it: smells, moods and feelings. So the moon symbol is not only a distorted view of the real thing, it carries other baggage also, baggage which is often in the way in the current use of the symbol. And, we see only the front half of anything. Worse still, the symbol we use comes from a seeing mechanism which also has a lot of limitations. Due to the collection of adverse alleles in the human gene pool, there is a large variance (diversity) across the human population in the accuracy of the seeing mechanism.

We also do not see in a continuous way. The sensing surface is divided into pixels, small increments of the sight. These are then reassembled and processed in order to form symbols of the things we see. Due to our nocturnal heritage, the seeing surface in our eyes are wrong side out, the seeing elements in effect filter a part of what we see. And the list goes on. Usually, though, we are not looking at the moon when we are thinking about it. Its symbol may be brought to our attention from a spoken or read word. This is a case of one symbol calling for another symbol, not the most accurate way in the world to do anything. The moon may also be visualized from memory, a case of an imperfect representation of an imperfect symbol from an imperfect memory. So we receive our information through imperfect senses and convert it to imperfect symbols, which we manipulate through an imperfect neural system which is biased by a hodgepodge of emotions and instincts.


Hardly an ideal system for solving anything, much less the design of a complex intellectual culture for a complex creature with a defective reasoning system further hampered by delusions of genius.


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