The Metal Guardrails

The Japanese Guardrail Mystery

Sometimes what is happening is so strange that there just doesn't seem to be any explanation for it. It may happen that these strange actions stop just as suddenly as they started, never to be heard of again. A couple of years ago Japan witnessed some pretty strange events…


It is nothing you would say is out worldly, as a matter of fact it is effecting something that is quite ordinary, the metal guardrails that divide the highways. What could be strange about a guardrail? 

It seems that something was happening to these mundane objects.


Pieces of sharp metal were jutting out of these guardrails all over the country. The Japanese government had no idea how these sharp pieces got there.  


They were saying things like, could there be some secret internet campaign to do this all over the country? This seems to be absurd on the face of it. They are also wondering if cars hitting the guardrails could somehow be causing this phenomena The problem with that theory is that there would have to be dents where all the metal pieces appear and paint scrapings, but this doesn't seem to be the case.


It seems that these pieces were noticed because people began to get injured on these things, they are very sharp. The injuries were mounting and the government has even warned people to be on the lookout for these sharp metal strips.


Can you imagine that something like a sharp metal strip sticking from a guardrail can cause a national investigation? You know that the problem has to be serious to get to that level. The size of the sharp metal strips usually range from 10 to 60 centimeters.


Unsuspecting cyclists have gotten large gashes while merrily peddling their bikes past one of this guardrails and not realizing that something like a large knife blade was sticking out and just waiting to slash the flesh of someone's leg.


Some web sites are treating the Japanese guardrail mystery as a paranormal event. One even intimated that the spirits of the dead were responsible for the event.


Will this mystery ever be solved? I guess that only time will supply the answer to this question. In this day and age it seems impossible to coordinate something like this through the net without being caught.

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