Galactic Conquest

Together We Can Rule The Galaxy

Our migration from this planet is a seductive vision of the future that has been given almost tangible reality by our entertainment industry.

We are attracted to the narrative that our primitive progenitors crawled out of the ocean, just as we’ll crawl off our home planet (en masse) some day. We live at a special time. We have enjoyed spending our inheritance of fossil fuels, and are feeling rather heady about our technological prowess. For many generations now, we have ridden an exponential growth track, conditioning ourselves to believe that our upward trajectory is an eternal constant of our existence. We’ll see. When we cross to the down-slope of fossil fuel availability—beginning with oil—we’ll see how timeless the growth phase seems to be, and whether we can afford a continued presence in space. We should be mature enough to admit that we have no context in which to evaluate how successfully the human race will navigate this unprecedented transition. Some professional athletes are smart about their earnings. They know that they will long outlive their athletic prowess, spending and investing modestly and smartly in preparation for the long haul. Others live large, assuming that the future will always be bigger—as has so far been true for their whole lives. We have not yet known a modern existence without an ever greater scale of fossil fuels, and it is their availability that has catalyzed our progress.


This century, we will enter a new phase, untested by humanity...


Kemo D. 7

Art by Tea Tony
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