Lost Treasures

The Spanish Armada

Where is the lost treasure of the Spanish Armada?

During 1733, the Spanish Armada lost many ships off the coast of the Florida Keys. A hurricane hit in July of this year and 20 Spanish galleons were sunk. Of course, the Spaniards came as soon as possible and tried their best to retrieve their lost treasures, however, only around $12,000 was found after three long years of searching the waters around the Florida Keys. Some scuba divers off the coast of the Florida Keys have been fortunate enough to find some of the lost treasure from these 20 Spanish galleons, however, not even the tip of the fortunes have been found. Among the ships and their locations, this information has been noted:

- El Aviso – a dispatch boat, believed to be located on the south end of Pacific Reef.
- El Infante – 60-gun galleon, believed to on the Little Conch Reef.
- San Jose – believed to be on Crocker Reef.
- Almiranta – 58-galleon, believed to be off Long Key Point.
- San Fernando – merchantmen, believed to be off Grassy Key in around 40 feet of water.
- Seven other merchantmen, believed to be between Upper Matecumbe and Long Key.

Most of the shipwrecks during 1733 are all believed to be in shallow water of around 10 to 40 feet and could hold more treasure than anyone could imagine. It only takes a bit of scuba gear, the time, and of course the will power to search through all the shipwrecks that can be discovered.


Good luck on your quest of finding all the treasure that the waters of the Florida Keys is hiding.


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