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Devonshire Treasure

Where is the lost Devonshire treasure?

In 1818, Captain Bennett Graham was an officer in the British navy that commanded the H.M.S. Devonshire. He was given the task of taking a team down to the South Pacific for surveying. However, it was at this time that he decided that there was more money to be made in piracy than there was in surveying. He decided then to change his occupation and in doing so, change the mission of The Devonshire. On one particular mission, he took 350 galleons of gold from a Spanish ship. Knowing that the waters of Cocos Island are heavily shark infested, he decided to bury the treasure there and thought that it would be very safe from prospectors looking for gold. He thought that he would come back on his trip home and reclaim the treasure. Unfortunately on his mission home, he and his officers were hunted down and hung.

His crew was sent to a prison in Tasmania and most were never heard from again. However, in 1853, there came a woman into San Francisco named Mary Welch, who claimed to have been there at the time that Graham buried the treasure. She also claimed to know exactly where the treasure was buried. Not only did she remember the exact location but she also had a map that Graham had given her to keep safe. She had done exactly that during the thirty years that she spent in prison and so, she still had it. She gathered a group of investors and together they all travelled to the place where Graham had buried the gold. What Mary hadn’t planned on was that the landmarks that Graham and she both remembered were no longer there. It had been a long thirty years that she had been in prison and in the meanwhile, storms and other natural events had swept the landmarks away.


The group still searched the island and dug in search of the treasure but they never found anything. The treasure has not been found to this day.


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