The Mystery U-boat of Patagonia

After the end of world war 2 Hitler's body was never found. Some argue that he may have escaped aboard a German U-boat.

On the day before the German surrender, two U-boats left northern Germany and headed into the South Atlantic... In the sparkling waters off Mar del Plata, Argentina, a submarine's prow breaks the surface. Up comes the U-977, commanded by Captain Heinz Schäffer. She sits dead in the water until the Argentinian cruiser Belgrano comes alongside. Then Schäffer is piped aboard the Belgrano and surrenders his boat and crew. The passengers and mission of these U-boats, U-530 and U-977, remains a mystery; all that is known is that they surrendered in Argentina almost three months after the end of the war, at different times. There was immediate suspicion that the passengers on the U-boats were Hitler, Bormann, and other high ranking Nazi officials missing since the end of the war. Both Eisenhower and Stalin expressed their belief that Hitler had escaped from Berlin. While Schäffer was a "guest" aboard the Belgrano, the newspaper El Dia in Uruguay's capital of Montevideo ran a Page One story, claiming that U-977 had stopped first near Comodoro Rivadavia in southern Argentina.

El Dia claimed that Hitler, Eva Braun, Bormann, Hitler's twin six-year-old sons by another mistress, their nanny and half a dozen leading Nazis had taken to the rubber dinghies in the Golfo San Jorge, gone ashore in Patagonia... Could Hitler and Eva Braun have escaped Berlin days before their alleged suicide on April 30, 1945? This possibility was first introduced by Stalin at Potsdam on July 17, 1945 and was compound by the fact that the Soviets, who occupied Berlin in May 1945, had difficulties in locating the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun. In Argentina, the Navy Intelligence service had been investigating mysterious German U-boat landings since April 1945. In a report filed by navy investigator, Niceforo Alarcon, landings had been taking place since 1943, with Navy Lt Rudolf Freude and Eva Duarte (Eva Peron) as principal activists. In 1998, two residents of southern Argentina asked permission to refloat a mysterious German World War II submarine sunk off the Patagonian coast...


Antonio Rivera and Mirta Vicente pinpointed the location of the sunken German warship, which they claim to have seen in 1959, 1962 and 1966.


Kemo D. 7

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