The Art of Wang Yue

The drab streets of Shijiazhuang are looking a lot livelier these days thanks to 23-year-old Wang Yue (above), an art student at Dalian Polytechnic University. With just a little paint and a whole lot of talent, Wang has conjured up a charming world of wildlife and still life peering out from the hollows, cracks and scars of street-side trees. “I just thought the trees look miserable in the gray winter, leafless and colorless,” explained Wang in a recent interview with Anhui TV. “Why don't I give them some color and make them more beautiful?” She did and they are, adding scattered splashes of color to Shijiazhuang's urban landscape.

Wang's art project began early this year and is expected to wrap up in March. To date she has finished eight paintings with a few more planned before the next school semester begins. As for her paintings, due to the need to protect the trees it's likely summer rains will fade and eventually wash away her artworks.


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