The Lost Treasure of Issyk-Kul

Long before any of us were born during the last half of the 7th century, a castle was built on one of the islands of Issyk-Kul. Here is where it is believed to be the location of Chingizhan's treasures and his tomb. It is believed that the sons of the conqueror pretended to have the funeral his funeral in 1127, in Ordos. As the legend goes, Kyrgyz aksakals know that Chagatai the son of Chingizhan ordered a coffin to be made from the strong mountain archa placed the conquerors body along with gold, and jewels, which was then placed at the bottom of the lake. The rest of his jewels and treasures were hidden away in a mountain cave. The mountain cave sank when waters rose from the nearby river. Another story about the islands of Issyk-Kul occurred in 1218. Christian settlers were in danger of Chingizhan and his army of knights.

In fear, the monks of Christian Abbey in Suyab decided to run from the Mongols, they left with treasure with a convoy of 200 camels and started along out along the north of Issyk-Kul. They were moving in the direction of Kashgar. When they believed they had no option, they began to buy their treasure along the shore and in the coastal waters. They then rested for the night, and began moving up the mountain. Here they found a cave, which had a river flowing through the bottom; here they placed the jewels at the bottom of cave. The cave was then sealed shut with stone slabs and one of the monks marked the slab with a cross and covered it over with earth. As the tale states, the jewels were sunk.


To this day, many have researched and searched for this infamous cave and even the bottom of lake and the treasures have never been located.

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