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A Look at Demonology

Some of our greatest demonologists have had failed attempts of exorcism or identifying a demon for that matter. Where did this term demon come from?


Demons were thought of as intermediaries between men and gods. Some people even thought that demons were once men, while others thought that demons were once angels and that they followed Lucifer in his coup against God and were banished to Earth. 

People now think of demons as malignant spirits that are here to do us harm.

Demoniacal Possession: Apparently when a human is inhabited or 'taken over' by a demon. A possessed human will have no control over their own will. 

Most cases of demon possession have been diagnosed as mental illness. 

The Catholic Church in the shadow of Josephus is known to identify and exorcise real demoniacal possession.

Demon Influence of Mankind: Most people felt demonic activity increased during the rise of Nazism and World War II.
According to many spiritual leaders, demons set the motion for events with groups like the Peoples'
Temple and David Koresh's cult.


One of the biggest tragedies was the mass suicide done through poisoned Kool-Aid in Guyana under the influence of Reverend Jim Jones.


The same thing is happing in Russia now. Members of a doomsday cult are refusing to leave their hideout in a cave in southern Russia.


The cult members - including four children - which calls itself the "True Russian Orthodox Church", claim they will ignite gasoline canisters if authorities try to force them out. The cult excavated the cave system themselves after their leader Pyotr Kuznetsov, told his followers to hide themselves away to await the end of the world.


From the 70s to the 80s, strange murders were taking place on the US Eastern states in which the suspects were telling the police that God told them to commit murder.


A case of mass demonic possession occurred in Loudun, Vienne in France, in the year 1634. The nuns were taken over by erotomania. They screamed out blasphemies and started displaying their genitalia. The demons that were blamed in this mass hysteria were Balan, Iscaron, Leviathan and Behemoth.

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