An Evolutionary Angle

From an evolutionary standpoint, some enthusiasts and researchers consider the notion that if today’s pop, iconic aliens really do exist, then they are likely our own descendants from many thousands of years in the future. In this case, they may or may not still be technically extraterrestrial, if only because some of our indeterminably distant grandchildren may well be born on another planet. People frequently put forth the idea that "visitors" or "grays" are quasi-humans with inter-dimensional maneuverability of some kind. Without entirely ruling out ideas involving alternate or additional realities, focus, however, on certain consistently purported continuities of physiological traits between them and ourselves. These suggest a relatively simple origin much closer to home - one in which time, itself, presents the only real space separating this "alien" civilization from our own.

Despite positive likelihood of ET life somewhere, the chances of us and our first and only contacts, together, exhibiting such similar, convergent anatomical evolution seem staggeringly improbable. Although environmental conditions which influence human evolution are undoubtedly different today than they were thousands of years ago, one consistent and prevalent phenomenon which began long ago is the de-evolutionary effect which intelligent advancements inevitably have upon us. With the advent of culture, we developed clever new ways of using the things around us to protect us, assist us, and even compensate for individual shortcomings. Physiological characteristics which are no longer critical for procreation may be subject to eventual recession. This could (or has) lead to the fading of certain characteristics found desirable or convenient, despite their not being essential to actual survival or reproduction in modern environments.

Some people, even today, would be suited for a better quality of life, were they to have less fragile skeletons or stronger muscles, like were more common among our predecessors. Imagine the results of our virtually entropic condition prolonged over hundreds more generations, and then review the more compelling alien encounters. Considering technology’s relationship with human’s current wide lack of natural selection, traits which would go sorely missed may fall prey to an almost iatrogenic genetic atrophy. Things could be punctuated as such especially after becoming debilitative or burdensome in any way. Given possibility of time travel, hypothetical victims of this erosive dwindling due to time and dependency upon science may eventually turn back toward the relatively archaic genes of a period like ours.


This agenda of reintroduction neatly accounts for procedures allegedly performed upon those claiming abduction, specifically tissue sampling or reproductive physiology related tampering.

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