Guardians of Time

The discussion of how human beings came to be on Earth still rages in almost every corner of our globe. This anthropological mystery involves questions of science, religion, philosophy, and even aliens. Some artists use their work to express their own answers to the "big questions", or to offer a new direction from which to look at ancient mysteries. Austrian artist Manfred Kielnhofer uses his looming "Guardians of Time" as a symbol for some greater force that stands above human beings, regardless of the name different people might give to that "higher power." Kielnhofer first designed these monk-like sculptures back in 2006 as a kind of homage or statement of belief that human beings are watched over and protected by ancient, god-like forces which occasionally visit the earth.

In ancient times, as well as in legendary settings, the "Guardians of Time" are often depicted as cloaked and hooded figures, wise and powerful ancients that control the destiny of humanity and the threads of time itself. Variations on this theme can be found in the Druids of Stonehenge, certain characters in Lord of the Rings, and other sources of popular culture or mythology. They are creatures of great power, typically not from Earth, and often have a capacity of understanding the universe that dwarfs that of human beings . They are often depicted as mysterious visitors from some far-off place sent to observe, or occasionally intervene in, the progression of humankind.


The artist works within this heady and fantastic background theory and then installs these ominous sculptures in spots of cultural significance and mystical locales.

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