If a one-way trip to Mars appeals to you, now's the time to apply to be part of the first crew of a Red Planet colony. The Netherlands based nonprofit Mars One is planning to fly teams of four astronauts to the Red Planet, with the first landing slated to occur in 2023, exactly 10 years from now, to establish a human settlement on our planetary neighbor. The organization opened up its astronaut selection process, which it hopes will raise some of the funding for the project. Those over age 18 interested in spending the rest of their lives in space can apply by submitting applications and short videos to the Mars One site. There is no maximum age for applicants, nor a required technical background or even nationality or language — astronaut candidates will have a few years to learn English if they don't speak it already. Successful applicants will have intelligence, resourcefulness, courage, determination and skill, as well as psychological stability, said Mars One ambassador Gerard 't Hooft, a Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist. Mars One estimates it will need about $6 billion to send the first four inhabitants to start the Red Planet colony, with $4 billion needed to launch each subsequent crew.


In addition to the application fees, the organization hopes to raise money via a reality television show that will follow its astronaut selection and training process.

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