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Origin of Life
Welcome back! A question often asked by people who want test science is What’s the Origin of Life??

First of all, life on earth formed about 4 billions years ago. Not thousands or millions but BILLIONS of years ago. Everything you see around you didn’t exit. The whole planet looked something like the planet Venus today. Despite all that scientists have learned a lot about the origins of life in laboratories and the answer to the question how life formed on earth is right here in our Milky Way Galaxy.
Everyday thousands of new solar systems are being formed throughout our Galaxy. A lot of those young systems have rocky planets that are being formed in a habitable zone around the young star. Those planets that we are now discovering are going through the same process as our planet did billions of years ago.
Someday when our technology is good enough we will travel to those distant solar systems and witness first-hand how life is being formed on young planets. The whole process is not as complex as you might think. If you have the right chemical elements at the right temperature, you can create life almost anywhere. We have two leading theories right now. The first one is that life came out of space in a comet /asteroid and the second one is that it formed in the prehistoric oceans. Either theory is possible because they’re both provable. One of the most important elements in the formation of life is liquid water.

Someday, after studying life on young planets we will able to pick which scenario most likely happened here on earth.
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