Ocean Life

"The ocean is the only resource that has kept ahead of the population explosion. And yet we see little regard for ocean life which is essential to all life on Earth. In August 1970, the U.S. Army deliberately dumped containers holding 67 tons of nerve gas into the Atlantic Ocean. The dumping ground was close to a main artery in this life support system, the Gulf Stream. The navies of the world, the fishing fleets, cruise lines, and many coastal cities casually use the ocean as both trashcan and toilet. If intelligently managed, the oceans could easily supply more than enough resources to feed the world’s hungry.

Billions depend on the sea for their primary source of protein. Life is abundant and varied here. But mismanagement of run-off has created huge lifeless areas in the Gulf of Mexico where the Mississippi River drains. Major marine species and the coral reefs that nurture them are rapidly disappearing, but not naturally, or because their death in any way prolongs our way of life. On the contrary, these extinctions endanger us and result from our own arrogance and ignorance. Amid the most complex living ecology, we act as predators rather than the symbiots we are." ~Jacque Fresco


Kemo D. 7


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