Dark Mysteries

Foundations of a mysterious collection of medieval buildings, once an imposing complex with beautiful expensive floor and roof tiles, and substantial stone buildings set around courtyards, which vanished apparently leaving no trace of its existence 600 years ago, have been uncovered under farmland in Somerset. The handsome floor tiles match some from nearby Glastonbury Abbey, suggesting that the site may have had religious connections. But although thousands of monastic foundations were demolished and their materials sold or scavenged for new buildings, this site appears to have been abandoned well before the dissolution of the monasteries. It is rare for one of any significance to disappear completely – this was a major complex, covering 0.4 hectares – leaving no evidence either in the landscape or in historical accounts. Preliminary work on dating the pottery suggests the buildings were occupied for at least 200 years, between the 12th and 14th centuries. At some stage however, the buildings were abandoned, the useable building materials were robbed out, and the site was forgotten.


Why was this place abandoned and erased from history accounts. What kind of fear would have driven its inhabitants to abandon their kingdom and never speak of it again? I suppose we'll never know what happened here...

Kemo D. 7

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