Treasure Hunting

José Gaspar was a pirate who came from Spain and called Boca Grande, now known as Gasparilla Island, Florida, home. From 1789 to 1821 Gaspar pirated over 400 ships and made off with an estimated $30 million in booty. He and his crew buried their loot on the islands in and around Charlotte Harbor and in the vast network of streams and swamps in the Peace River area. In 1822 José Gaspar was ready to retire but the day he and his crew were splitting up loot he spotted a British merchant ship and had to go for one more haul. This was a bad mistake as the ship was actually the USS Enterprise sent by The American government on a pirate hunting mission. After a short battle José Gaspar knew all was lost and rather than face a hanging he tied a chain around his neck and jumped overboard never to see his treasure again.


None of José Gaspar's treasure has been found to this very day...

Kemo D. 7

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