A Personal Message to Square Enix

As a fan of Japanese RPG games I was really looking forward to earn the platinum trophy for one my favorite Square Enix games called "Final Fantasy X" that recently came out in HD. Unfortunately that's no longer possible because of 2 specific trophies in the game that I and many other players in the gaming community haven't been able to complete. The trophies are called "Chocobo Rider" and "Chocobo Master". The challenges associated with the trophies are extremely luck and not skill based. After trying to complete the challenges countless times I came to realize that it's almost impossible because your success depends on luck and that's very frustrating. I'm deeply disappointed in Square Enix and the development team who worked on this game. This experience took all the satisfaction out of the game and unless Square Enix releases a patch or an update to address this issue I will never buy another Square Enix product. I've also cancelled my subscription to "Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn..."


Kemo D. 7

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