Female Gurus
Cults continue to fascinate the western psyche, nurturing suspicions of their intentions. Whether there is a reality to these concerns is hard to tell, but most cults have proved to be peaceful and innocuous.
The vast majority of cult gurus tend to be male. But this is not exclusively so. There have been a handful of female gurus, most being peaceful, but even here there is an exception. This exception was Margaret Peter, and her activities in the German border town of Wildisbuch in 1823. Her group included most of her family, but things came to a head when Margaret was convinced the Devil lived in her loft and they needed a sacrifice. 

A sister immediately hit herself with a mallet. Six members then battered her to death.
The Devil still there, Margaret decided to be crucified, to be resurrected in three days. 

The group crucified her and battered her to death. Margaret didn’t come back to life, but the police did come to the house and throw them all in prison.
However, other than Margaret, female cult gurus tend to be different in many respects to their male counterparts. Consider the 19th century British Christian sect that grew around Joanna Southcott.
A deeply religious woman, she had a vision that she would give birth to the new Messiah, whom she named Shiloh. Dying in 1814, disciples waited for days by her dead body for the birth. When the body began to rot, a doctor opened her up but found no child. The Panacea Society was then formed, still waiting for Shiloh, and also keeping a box containing Southcott’s wisdom.

This box can only be opened in the presence of twenty four Anglican bishops. So far, the bishops have declined to attend the opening of the box. Ann lee: Ann Lee from
Manchester, England, was another female cult leader. She was a Quaker who, after all four of her children died while still young, rejected sex.
Forming the Shakers, so named for their ecstatic dancing which led to hysteria and hallucination, she became known as Mother Ann for reflecting the feminine aspects of God.

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