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Intelligence is the Key

The Secret to Raising Smart Humans
Carol S. Dweck claims that teaching people to have a “growth mind-set,” which encourages a focus on effort rather than on intelligence or talent, produces high achievers in school and in life.
While a “growth mind-set,” is good for young kids to recognize how to process and acknowledge important information, it has no impact on teenagers or adults because the foundation on how we learn and make progress in life has to be established at a very young age. 

There a lot of different factors that play a role on how you think and use your knowledge when you’re teenager.
For example, if you’re an outsiders or a loner you will look for a way to impress and get recognized by the people through knowledge about certain subjects. 

The best part about getting older (depending how much and what kind of knowledge you have accumulated) is that it’s a lot easier to understand what’s really intelligent and what’s not. It is also known that even people in their 50s and 60s can develop passion and curiosity if they see something beautiful.
Everyone who has seen a beautiful spiral galaxy or a garden will understand what I mean. You don’t necessary need an inspiration to develop a passion for something that’s interesting.
So, where does that leave Intelligence? You can’t become truly intelligent unless you understand what you are and where we stand as mankind. All knowledge and has to based on provable facts.
Science is the key to understand our world and what it means be a human. It doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you’re processing information because intelligence drives curiosity and will ultimately give you passion to help others.
So, in the end, to make progress and to understand what you are, you have to base your knowledge on scientific facts which in turn will make you truly intelligent.

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