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Person of the Week

Andrew Fraknoi
This Harvard and UC-Berkeley-educated professor and scientist has a rare talent for translating complex astronomical ideas and discoveries into clear, compelling language for the non-ivy-league-educated.
Among his many professional activities, Fraknoi is a member of the SETI Institute's Board of Trustees, and teaches astronomy at FoothillCollege. This month, Fraknoi was selected as the 2007 California Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement & Support of Education.
He's a consummate astronomy educator, which is readily apparent in a fun new book called "Wonderful World of Space." Fraknoi teamed with Disney Learning to produce this up-to-date, well-illustrated book. It features beautiful images and explanations that are complemented by engaging Disney characters to entertain young readers with funny little asides. 

MILF of the Week

Bridget Moynahan
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