Human Culture

Four and a half million years of history show that both man and woman are by nature (instinct) tribal, self-disciplined, driven by instinct, competitive, tenacious, vigorous, adventurous, courageous and goal oriented. Modern history of the past 5,000 years shows that mankind is capable of withstanding great physical hardship and any stress provided by life. This is a creature that needs guidance and direction, not coddling and sympathy.

We now seek in our schools (our method of culture maintenance) to destroy those hard-earned human attributes. We no longer believe in the virtue of excellence (competition). A vigorous person is now called a workaholic. A tenacious person is stubborn and mean. Courage is considered to be a myth. A goal is a means of seeking superiority and dominance. Self-discipline is considered biblical dogma, therefore not fit for public schooling. Tribalism is encouraged through the teaching of multiculturalism. We seek through our education system to educate instincts, an impossibility, while ignoring the developing human's intellectual need for real knowledge. We deliberately teach our children baseless dogma, ideology, fantasy and fiction, while boundless real provable knowledge, which they desperately need in a world suddenly demanding of knowledge, is ignored.

The result is a destructive conflict between the human and its culture, resulting in escape (drugs, promiscuous sex, alcohol, thrill seeking), rebellion (gangs, crime, drive-by-shootings, teenage pregnancy), racial hate and a work force that has been taught that productive work is degrading and class enslavement. This is why it is so necessary for humankind to reconstruct human culture, to abandon its current hodgepodge of sub-cultures based on cultural evolution (a cut and try process without goal or plan) in favor of an intellectual culture based on real knowledge, one with real plans and goals.


Kemo D. 7

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