2016 Presidential Science Debate

ScienceDebate.org announced that actors Mark Ruffalo, Peter Coyote and David Schwimmer have joined the call for a 2016 US Presidential Science Debate. Ruffalo is an Emmy-award winning producer, actor, director and screenwriter. He is also widely known for his concerns about water quality in the oil and natural gas extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing. Coyote is best known as an actor, but is also the award-winning author of two books, numerous articles and short stories, and is a famous environmental activist and a counter-cultural figure.

David Schwimmer is an award-winning actor, stage and film director, producer and comedian. He is an active director of the Rape Treatment Center in Santa Monica, which specializes in helping victims of date rape and child rape. He has also campaigned for legislation to ban drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB. "These artist/activists remind us that the issues we want the candidates to address are not just science challenges, but humanity’s," said Executive Director Sheril Kirshenbaum. "Science is impacting every aspect of life, with major economic, environmental, health, legal, and moral implications."

"We’re pleased that people with such talent and vision as Mark Ruffalo, Peter Coyote and David Schwimmer are joining signatorires like Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson in a call for candidates for president to debate the big science issues on TV," said ScienceDebate.org’s board chair, Shawn Otto. ScienceDebate.org’s prominent supporters include the CEOs of major Tech companies, dozens of Nobel Laureates, leading academics, university presidents, famous writers, actors and other cultural thought leaders, and other concerned citizens.


It is asking candidates for president to attend a televised debate dedicated to science and tech issues like climate change, vaccinations, GMO Foods, nuclear power, evolution, and more. Sign the national call for a presidential debate on science at ScienceDebate.org

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