A Solution to the World's Wars

It has been said that if a million monkeys pounded on a million typewriters, they would, in time, produce the works of Shakespeare. If, as they produced garbage, fragments of Shakespeare that appeared were saved as the basis for work from that moment on, the monkey process would be quite similar to evolution. That is precisely how the human species was produced. It took four billion years. That is also how the human brain was developed. The human brain, the very one that we are so proud of (arrogant about), is a result of this idiot process. It contains enough ability so that the human has survived (so far). It has slip-shod and highly selective memory. It has the reasoning mechanism of a predator and enough intellect for a primitive social order in a small tribe.

Diversity, a darling doctrine of the academic elite (PC), is partially the result of the degenerative collection of alleles in the human genome resulting from an evolution crippled by human intervention and partially from tribal isolation when the human population was much smaller and transportation more primitive. It results from DNA divergence (variable allele collections in the genome). The result of this divergence is a large spread in form characteristics in the species. Such things as height, weight, color of eyes, color of skin, texture of hair, etc., vary widely across the species. That same divergence exists in the neural mechanisms. The same bell curve that describes the distribution of IQ in the human species also exists in all of the other cultural instinctive characteristics (parental love, compassion, aggression, cooperation, anxiety, tribal loyalty, sexual drive, etc.).

Variations in social characteristics are so wide that the overall species must be protected with armies, police, court systems and a prison system that can hold a significant portion of the species.

So if things are this bad, how do we get by? The answer is simple. We have a marvelous reactive neural system for killing tigers (or each other) and solving the day to day survival problems, the tenacity for surviving harsh environments (be they social or climate) and enough of us have enough kids to more than make up for the losses (the excess children being another human idiocy). An intellectual creature by nature? To sum it up: the human is a survival creature with a very weak intellect and a very strong set of instincts. And that's why we have wars, poverty, hunger, neural disease, bigotry, terrorists, criminals, greedy self-centered leaders, and the list is endless. As a species, we'd like to get rid of this stuff. To do so can't be business as usual. The first thing we must do is to recognize the frailty of the mechanism that we must use.

Anyone who believes for an instant that any human is capable of creating truth in its own mind without reference to reality is a dangerous fool.

It has been said that it is a poor worker who blames the sharpness of his tools. So how does an artisan use a defective and inadequate tool? The answer is: very carefully. It is a duty of the education system to teach a child the proper pronunciation of his spoken thought elements, for it is that pronunciation which is cross-referenced to the proper thought. It is sheer idiocy to expect a child to learn a written word that it does not already know both the meaning and the proper pronunciation. The key is that the child must know the pronunciation and meaning of a word before it is allowed to tackle the written equivalent. War, terrorism and genocide are normal (instinctive) in the human and will remain so until the human redesigns the human.

The only methods available in the meanwhile to curtail these instincts are training (behavior by enforced edict) and education (behavior chosen by the individual in response to learning truth and fact). As with any other social (instinctive) drive, training is by far the most successful method for obtaining consistent and uniform control of social behavior.

Kemo D. 7

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