A Culture of Terrorism

Terrorism is small scale war usually employed by small cultural groups who are, or believe they are, threatened by a larger cultural group. War is caused by cultural differences. Multiculturalism emphasizes cultural differences. Multiculturalism leads inevitably to war. Human instincts demand it. From the time of Homo habilis to less than 10,000 years ago, a period of more than two million years, the human was a hunter/gatherer living in small tribes. There was fierce competition between tribes for the best hunting grounds. The strongest, best organized, most cunning and most vicious gained the best grounds and tended to survive better.

Early in the history of the human, ethnic and racial differences signaled danger. A new group coming over the hill to make their home in your valley might have different colored skins, or speak a different language, or dress differently. These were signals of trouble ahead. With two million years of history, and starting long before the big brain developed, racial and ethnic bigotry is normal (instinctive) in the human.

Tribalism to the point of war is normal (instinctive) in the human. Genocide, the driving off or killing off of a particular racial or ethnic group is normal (instinctive) in the human. Terrorist acts started millions of years ago when tribes raided each other's camps or the lone hunter in the forest was ambushed. Terrorist acts, too, are normal (instinctive) in the human.

War, terrorism and genocide are normal (instinctive) in the human and will remain so until the human redesigns the human. The only methods available in the meanwhile to curtail these instincts are training (behavior by enforced edict) and education (behavior chosen by the individual in response to learning truth and fact). As with any other social (instinctive) drive, training is by far the most successful method for obtaining consistent and uniform control of social behavior.

Tribal disputes over foraging territories are as old as man. Tribalism is a basic instinct in the human species, one that was developed over a period of 4 million years or longer. A different language, appearance, apparel, behavior, etc. is instinctively a danger sign, with instant distrust and apprehension. Since the behavior is instinctive it may not be educated. Intellectual control over the instinct (training) is required instead. The species must establish strong rules concerning hostilities and strictly enforce them.

In the final analysis, every conflict is fought over cultural differences. Integration of the species into one culture would be a giant step toward ending wars.

My thoughts are with the victims and families of those affected by the acts of terror in Brussels...

Kemo D. 7

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