The Legend of King Arthur

The story of King Arthur is largely made up of folklore and legend but archaeologists and historians have been working hard to paint a more accurate picture of the man who led Britain’s defense of the invasion of the Saxons. A book written 900-years ago claimed that the King was born in Tintagel in Cornwall but this was met with skepticism by historians. However, archaeologists have discovered the ancient remains of a palace next to the site. Additionally, they found more than 150 fragments of ancient pottery and glass. The fragments came from places as far as Turkey, which is a strong indication that the people who resided there were extremely wealthy people – potentially even royalty. Graham Phillips, author of ‘The Lost Tomb of King Arthur,’ told the Daily Telegraph: “It is showing there could indeed be some truth behind the earliest stories about King Arthur’s birth at Tintagel. “If nothing else, it means the legend about where Arthur was born isn’t so fanciful after all and deserves further investigation.”

Kemo D. 7

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