The Coolidge Effect

If you’ve ever dated someone for a long time, or if you’ve exclusively hooked up with the same person for a while, you already know that the sex starts to get a little boring after a while. This happens because the experience loses novelty, and our brains produce less and less dopamine, which makes us lose interest in sex with that person. It's simple human psychology — our brains crave novelty! But here’s thing — after we get bored of sex and lose interest, it comes right back if we hook up with other people. This phenomenon is called the Coolidge Effect.

One study found that men who were exposed to the same sexual stimuli, a.k.a. the same porno, became habituated to the stimuli and became less and less aroused over time. On the other hand, men who were shown varied sexual stimuli, a.k.a. different kinds of porn, maintained higher levels of sexual arousal. From these findings, we can conclude that novelty = good sex. “This suggest that the Coolidge Effect may have an evolutionary explanation behind it in that it might potentially increase men's odds of reproductive success with new partners,” explains sexpert Dr. Justin Lehmiller.

That said, the Coolidge Effect plays a pretty big role in long term relationships. It mainly suggests that it’s totally normal for you to get bored of your girlfriend and want to sleep around. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your girlfriend – it simply means that we are all a little slutty by nature. Now, in case you're quite fond of your girlfriend and don't want to break up with her just because you're bored of having sex with her, there are certain things you can do to keep the spark alive. For instance, you can introduce novelty to the bedroom by means of sex toys, some light (or intense) BDSM, or role play.

You can also have sex with other people to relieve your sexual boredom and not tell your girlfriend. But if that sounds like cheating, it's because it is.

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Source: Maxim

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