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The four-bedroom listing in Los Angeles’ affluent Brentwood enclave is as stunning as its former A-list owner. But like that starlet owner, it comes with a tragic past. This 2,624-square-foot spread — a 1929 Spanish hacienda-style property — was the only home ever owned by Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe. Now listed for $6.9 million, this home was where Monroe was found dead of barbiturate poisoning in August 1962 by her psychiatrist — naked, face-down in bed, clutching a telephone handset.

The home traded hands a number of times following Monroe’s death. In the 1970s, a married actor couple, Michael Irving and Veronica Hamel, bought the property. During a renovation, they unearthed a system of sophisticated telephone taps that went into every room of the home. The reason for its installation remains unclear, though conspiracy theories hypothesize that Monroe was under surveillance by the Kennedy family (regarding her alleged affair with Pres. John F. Kennedy) or the mafia.

In death, Marilyn Monroe is every bit as fascinating as she was in life. And the mystery surrounding her final hours has led to endless speculation – was it suicide, a cover-up or murder? Both Kennedy brothers are claimed to have had relationships with Marilyn and may have discussed political secrets with her. When she was allegedly rejected by first Jack, then Bobby, she threatened to go public with the affairs and more.

A new documentary claims that Marilyn Monroe was killed because she was going to leak evidence regarding extraterrestrials and their existence. Directed by Michael Mazzola, “Unacknowledged” goes into a wide range of conspiracy theories, including one that offers up a possible explanation for Monroe’s death — that she knew about UFOs and threatened to leak classified documents.

In a clip first spotted by technology website Gizmodo, actor Burl Ives claimed that Monroe did not die from a drug overdose. Dr. Steven Greer, who is the subject of the documentary, holds up a so-called death warrant after Monroe had had phone conversations with reporter Dorothy Kilgallen, who was looking into the famous Roswell incident. According to a plot summary on movie database website IMDb, “Unacknowledged” is about the so-called Disclosure Project and how UFO secrecy has been enforced.

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