E3 2017 Highlights: Anthem

In the world of Anthem, you'll play as one of the many freelancers who protect Fort Tarsas from the dangers of the outside world. And if the demo is any indication, those troubles include hulking alien monsters and other humans. To help you fend against the onslaught, freelancers are outfitted with exosuits called javelins that grants the player superhuman abilities such as flight and super strength. Anthem takes place in a vast open dynamic world with unexpected danger around every corner, evidenced by the large fauna, pouncing on the players at every turn. And since this is a 4K game, Bioware took some time to dwell on the sumptuously-colored world around them. The highlight was when the characters dove underwater to show off spectacular water effects. And in an ensuing firefight, the bullets exploded in a shower of flowing red embers.

Kemo D. 7

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