King Tut’s Wife

A group of archaeologists made a breakthrough discovery when they found a tomb that may belong to King Tut’s wife.

The tomb, which resides near the tomb of Pharaoh Ay from the 18th Dynasty, was discovered in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings and could belong to Ankhesenamun, famed Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass told Live Science.

Hawass, who was the former head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, said he’s certain there’s a tomb there because his team found four foundation deposits. However, he said it’s unclear to whom the tomb belongs to.

The archaeologist explained to Live Science that the deposit sites are “caches or holes in the ground that were filled with votive objects such as pottery vessels, food remains and other tools as a sign that a tomb construction is being initiated.”

He said it’s possible the tomb belongs to Tutankhamun’s wife, Ankhesenamun. She married Ay after the young pharaoh’s death, Hawass said, and her tomb could be next to Ay’s. He noted that his team would continue to search the site.

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