Meet Hyperrealism

This is NOT a photo! Inspired by photorealism, hyperrealism is a contemporary school of painting that evokes the illusion of photography. With advancements in cameras, lenses, and digital equipment, artists have been able to be far more precision-oriented in their practice, culminating in an entirely new genre of contemporary art that makes you do a double take. Unlike photorealist painters who may make aesthetic alterations and consciously omit details in order to emulate photographic images, hyperrealists take a more literal approach to representation. Like the source photos themselves, photorealist paintings incorporate elements like depth of field, perspective, and even focus. All compositional quirks are reproduced, and imperfections are never concealed.

Because hyperrealist art suggests a false reality, it requires a high level of skill.

Artists: Yigal Ozeri, Damian Lob, Brian Drury, Jason de Graaf, and Pedro Campos.

Kemo D. 7

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