Project Scannate

The concept of matter being influenced by mind or consciousness alone is certainly not new. It encompasses a va­riety of phenomena, from metal bending to levitation against the laws of gravity and unexplained movements of ob­jects. Sounds heard without any physical source, tables tilting, unexplained temperature changes, breezes, and mate­rializations and dematerializations of objects, are other reputed manifestations of consciousness directly affecting the physical realm. For thousands of years saints have reputedly floated (levitated) free from the normal bonds of gravity while in a state of ecstasy. Victorian era séances, organized around powerful mediums, were attended by all sorts of marvels involving the movement of objects, materializations of objects or even “spirits” taking fully human forms, and sounds produced by unknown means.
Such manifestations were formerly referred to as telekinesis (loosely translated as “distant movement;” that is, movement from a distance without any known physical means). The pre­ferred technical term currently for such phenomena is psychokinesis (“mind or soul movement,” that is, movement by the mind), often abbreviated as PK for short. During the “cold war” both the U.S. and the Soviet Union worried that the other side had developed the ability to use psychic powers for military purposes. Researchers Lynne Schroeder and Shiela Ostrander in their groundbreaking book, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, detailed many experiments carried out in the U.S.S.R. and east­ern Europe, including psychokinesis (PK).

Others who documented the psychic developments behind the iron cur­tain included authors Henry Gris and William Dick. Many believe that such disclosures were a major impetus behind the U.S. military establishment’s development of its own capability and that its widely discussed remote viewing pro­gram, which came to be known as project Scannate, was the result. Whether the military remote viewers could actu­ally influence remote physical objects which they viewed at a distance is not often discussed, but David Morehouse, a veteran of project Scannate has hinted that it was possible.

Others have suggested that even assassination can be ac­complished by such mind-only means.

Kemo D. 7
credit: Atlantis Rising Magazine

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