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The Meaning of Life
Sometimes people ask me “how can you be so cold and not believe in god?” The answer is: because I haven’t found “him” yet. Since ancient times people were searching for the meaning of life, trying to understand why do things work the way they do and how do we fit in. The answer to the question if there’s a “higher power” or something like it is not here on earth but in the universe and we have to find it. Since everything in the universe has a natural flow it’s gonna be really hard to find something “supernatural” or unexplainable.
Does science proves that there’s no god? Of course not. Does religion proves that there’s a god? NO! Today’s religions are based on philosophies from people like you and me who created them and were passed on from generation to generation. The reason they were passed on because it slowed and almost stopped people from exploring the real world. Those people were brainwashed by their religious beliefs because their leaders premised “supernatural beings” who demanded certain behaviors and promised swift and severe punishment for infractions.
It still continues today with religious schools and organizations. In every religion the answer to the meaning of life is already answered and religious people have stopped searching for truth. So what religion does is stopping people from exploring the universe and becoming more intelligent.
So, where does God live, where can one find Him? The overwhelming majority of people involved in primitive forms of religion would answer this question by pointing up to the sky. Just like they raise eyes and hands when praying.

Where does the belief that God is above originate from? Maybe the reason is that on the Earth’s surface one sees suffering and temptations and in the sky — tranquil clouds, endless expanse, caress of the Sun, mystery of the Moon and distant stars? But Jesus who was a great philosopher and had big impact on his followers laughed at such speculations. He said something really intelligent that most people overlook:
“If your leaders say to you: ‘Look, the (Father’s) Kingdom is in the sky!’ then the birds of the sky will precede you.
… Rather, the Kingdom is within you and it is outside you.” (The Gospel of Thomas, 3)
“(And) those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed… (The Gospel of Thomas, 2).
The reason I like being an atheist is because we have an open mind on everything and that gives us the freedom to search for the answer if there’s such a thing as “higher power” in the universe. That means we are not rejecting the idea that there might be a god out there; it’s just that we haven’t found any evidence for its existence. All we’re doing is searching for the truth but we won’t find the answer in our lifetime because our technology is not highly advanced to explore the universe. All we can do is pass our knowledge to the next generations and hope that they will make some progress in the quest.
It’s hard for people to imagine that they will die without knowing the answer to the most important question but that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. If you have the basic knowledge about the universe and history of life on our planet you would do anything to help in the search for the answer. It would make you happy knowing that you’ve tried to establish contact with god by helping scientists in exploring the universe and life on earth. But first we have to get rid off organized religion because they’re just brainwashing people and slowing us in making progress.
In case we do find “something” in the far future I wonder how that force/god (call it what you want) will accept us among billions of other life forms in the universe. Yes, that’s right! We are not alone because there are millions and millions of advanced civilizations in the universe. Why should we be the no.1? Why should god love us if we were just an experiment like the rest of the universe? Those are the questions that won’t be answered in our lifetime but MAYBE someday in a far future.
I highly recommend that you read the article “Human Philosophy” one more time just to get my point. Go to:
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