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A Dutch Vision

The New Island
The Netherlands wants to redraw the map of Europe - literally.
Dubai built PalmIsland. Now the world leaders in land reclamation are considering an island in the shape of a tulip to fight overcrowding and shield the coastline from the rising sea.
Supporters of the scheme say it will give Dutch companies a chance to showcase water management skills that are increasingly in demand due to global warming.
While a poll in October by the research company TNS NIPO with the Red Cross showed that the Dutch were more afraid of flooding than a terrorist attack, many have a strong belief in Dutch expertise and technology to protect them from the water.
The Dutch Parliament has asked a commission on coastal development to look into the idea of building islands in the North Sea that could be used for housing, farming or a nature reserve, while at the same time helping to protect the coast.
"People live on top of each other in the Netherlands," said Joop Atsma, the Chritian Democrat politician who sponsored a parliamentary motion on building in the North Sea. "We are hungry for land. A huge area is needed for building."
Atsma says high land prices threaten the country's position as one of the world's exporter of agricultural products, and make a 100,000 hectare, or 247,000 acre, island potentially worth €10 billion, or $14.69 billion - enough of a return to fund the project.
That idea was already floated after a plane crashed into an apartment block in Amsterdam in 1992, but it was shelved due to cost and environmental concerns. Nature-lovers have also scuttled plans to drain more land onshore.

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