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MoD to release Top Secret Files

Top-secret details about UFO sightings are to be released to the public. The Ministry of Defense will release a total of 160 files dating back to that time to the National Archives in Kew. The first files will be made available in spring 2008 and the process is expected to take three years. Hmm… the thing that makes me worry is that these secret projects are happing around the globe. First France then USA and now England.
Just like the “UFO” scare over O’Hara Airport in Chicago this is another secret project by the government to see how the public will receive such information. If the panic level is too high then they have to come up with a new plan. A plan that will keep the public under control when the real and “official” contact with another alien species is established. I wonder if “something” has already entered our solar system and is on the way to make contact with mankind... if yes, are you ready? I’m not because this time around we definitely can’t relay on Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum to save us.
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