July 27th, 2007

Pastor Dies from Lightning Strike (It's real!)

Popular San Antonio Pastor Dies from Lightning Strike During Hike 

A 50-year-old pastor from a church here in San Antonio was killed Tuesday (7/24/07) afternoon after he was hit by a bolt of lightning while hiking with his two teenage sons, authorities told News 4 WOAI. 

The man and his two sons were hiking in the Lost Maples State Natural Area near Vanderpool close to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. It started raining and the family went to seek cover under a cedar tree, Bandera County Sheriff Don Berger said. The father was then hit by lightning and died instantly, officials said.
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The Houston "UFO"

An anonymous guy asked me to analyze this ufo picture that was shot over Houston, following the MLB All-Star Game at the Minute Maid Park in 2004. Unfortunately this is another classic example of a FAKE ufo. Yep, that's right - it's FAKE!


And now the answer to the question that most humans would kill to know:


If “Aliens” have already landed, where are they hiding?

Answer: In the Oceans and… that’s all I CAN say about that…

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)

God And University

Why God never received tenure at any university...

1. He had only one major publication.

2. It was in Hebrew.

3. It had no references.

4. It wasn't published in a referred journal.

5. Some even doubt he wrote it himself.

6. It may be true that he created the world, but what has he done since then?

7. His cooperative efforts have been quite limited.

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The Mystery of Witchcraft...

It was a beautiful evening the night of December 22, 1967, when  hotelier, Dan Burack, in company of Father Patrick Horgan left Miami’s yacht marina in Burack’s 23-foot cabin cruiser Witchcraft. Burack, an inveterate yachtsman, had invited Father Horgan to go out into the bay to enjoy the stunning view of Miami’s Christmas time lights. They were only going to cruise out a short way and then stop and, in the silence of a dark sea, take in the panorama of Miami’s lit skyline.

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Beneath Alexandria

Hidden City Found Beneath Alexandria

The legendary city of Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great as he swept through Egypt in his quest to conquer the known world. Now scientists have discovered hidden underwater traces of a city that existed at Alexandria at least seven centuries before Alexander the Great arrived, findings hinted at in Homer's Odyssey and that could shed light on the ancient world.

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