August 12th, 2007


What Do They Want?

Your religion, pernicious as it is, also constricts you with fear. The fears on which it is based slop over into your culture since fear is a powerful method of control which can be used against your own best interests.


Your religion gives you goals which are outside of reality. It enriches your fantasy life with ugliness. It fills you with ideas of guilt over the most common human experiences -- usually related to sex. Everything that identifies man as an animal -- but most especially sex -- is and has always been the subject of the most minute control by religion. Every word that refers to a normal body function -- a life-sustaining body function -- is a taboo (in our culture), a four-letter word. What delightful, obscene act continues the species? And, of course, every other so-called obscene word refers to women. Think about it.

The purpose of human life is *not* to prepare yourself for death. The purpose of human life is to live, free of fears, guilt, anxieties, and feelings of personal inadequacy. 

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)