September 11th, 2007

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Patriot Day, 2007

Today we remember and honor those who perished in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. We will not forget the events of that terrible morning nor will we forget how Americans responded in New York City, at the Pentagon, and in the skies over Pennsylvania -- with heroism and selflessness; and with compassion and courage.

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The Science of Surprise

Can complexity theory help us understand the real consequences of a convoluted event like September 11?

Complexity theory researchers have created many different computer simulators in the last decade in an attempt to find simple rules underlying the normally unpredictable behavior of intricate systems, including those made up of cells, people, and corporations.


But most complexity models have shown only mixed results, and some scientists think they are based on wishful thinking. Nevertheless BiosGroup Inc., a firm co-owned by Kauffman a complexity theorist, has done more than 50 projects for Fortune 500 clients. The company uses complexity theory analysis to tackle such tangible problems as how to control crowds at an amusement park or how to decrease the amount of time it takes a manufacturer to get its products into neighborhood stores.

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State of the Future

Organized Crime...

Organized crime may have brought in more than 2 trillion in revenue last year, about twice all the military budgets in the world combined, a report issued Monday said.

The “State of the Future” report, published by the Millennium Project of the World Federation of the United Nations Associations, said organized crime entities generated income from money laundering, counterfeiting and piracy, and the trafficking of drugs, people and arms.

The report called organized crime one of the most pressing global issues that needs to be addressed in the next 10 years, along with global warming, terrorism, corruption and unemployment. 

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