September 24th, 2007

Space Exploration

Racing past the Moon

Today competition matters less than conquering space.

Fifty years ago the starting pistol fired with the launch of Sputnik, and the space race between the Soviet Union and the U.S. was on. The contest was less like a race, however, than it was an “extraplanetary” game of Risk, with each side seeking to attain dominance over some portion of Earth’s neighborhood. Notwithstanding the high-minded rhetoric about humanity expanding out among the stars, the leadership of the two countries had more immediate military motivations to develop better technology for hurling ICBMs and spying from orbit—and denying the other side an equivalent advantage.

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Guys Only

The trick to successful dating is learning how to interpret the hidden signs, those giveaway gestures that can tell you so much about a woman. Train yourself to recognize - and decode - these KEY "SIGNS." Figuring out these moronic little indicators can save you a lot of time and effort.

1. She won't unlock car door for man - Doesn't engage in oral sex.
2. Wants to go to a French restaurant - Will swallow.
3. Wants to go to a deli - Won't swallow.
4. Takes too long deciding what to order - Has trouble reaching orgasm.
5. Orders salad dressing on the side - Will give you a hand job, but will not go "all the way."
6. Gives explicit orders to waiter - Will expect incredibly skillful gymnastics in bed.
7. Asks for extra rolls - Will say she is using birth control when she's not.

8. Asks for "The Usual" - Insists on missionary position only.
9. Asks what the specials are - Will want you to use handcuffs.
10. Drinks Decaffeinated - Fakes Orgasm.
11. Asks for detailed descriptions of desserts - Needs you to talk dirty during sex.
12. Orders a dessert involving nuts - Castrating Bitch.
13. Wants to split dessert - Is dying to get rid of her apartment, move in with you, rearrange all your closets, and take down all your baseball posters.
14. Uses toothpick - Is trying to tell you size isn't everything.

Joan of Arc

How Joan Escaped the Stake

She was a peasant teenager inspired by voices from “God” to lead the French against the English, and burned as a witch before being recognized as a hero and saint. 

For centuries, France's cult of Joan of Arc has been seized on by politicians looking for patriotic martyr figures, including by Nicolas Sarkozy during his presidential campaign. Now a new book has sparked anger among historians by claiming the Maid of Orléans was not an illiterate peasant but a royal. 

She did not hear voices and was not burned at the stake, but escaped with the help of English soldiers and went on to live a happily married life. 

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Cybernetic Wars

The "Real" Enemy

As humans, we are creatures of the Mind. We live within a rich interior landscape every bit as real as the house in which our physical body resides or as real as the curb upon which we lay our weary head at the end of another fruitless day. 

And the more desolate one's exterior world the more pressure there is to escape into an interior landscape over which one has at least some illusory control. Lacking a sense of personal philosophy or artistic sensibility (not to mention a family, loved ones and a satisfactory job) one's interior landscape can quickly turn into a horrific battle zone. 

The impotent quest for power; for personal authentication can quickly translate itself into a violent nature.


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Quote of the Day

After one look at this planet any visitor from outer space would say "I want to see the manager."


William S. Burroughs (1914 - 1997)

Person of the Week

Bill Pullman

Ask the average person what the connection is between Bill Pullman and space exploration and you're likely to hear references to the sci-fi movies he has starred in, such as Spaceballs or Independence Day. 

But the actor and director has much more invested now in the recent history of space flight as his own creation, the theatrical production Expedition 6 has opened for a month engagement at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco, Calif.
It's an odyssey story that follows the journey of the three astronauts, who were on Expedition Six that was launched in November 2002.

MILF of the Week!

Cindy Crawford!

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)